Outreach Activities

Over CMRLR’s 65-year long history, thousands of children and adults have attended the education programs of the Society.  School-based programs and special event concerts provide enriching educational experiences for the youth of Central Arkansas.

CMSLR’s One Voice programs is a collaboration between Central Arkansas high schools, colleges, and after-school programs established in 2010 to bring international classical musicians to Little Rock for public concerts and student outreach activities. These activities include master classes, workshops and mini-concerts at schools and after-school location and includes as a major component personal interaction between the artists and students.  Many students participating in One Voice outreach activities have had little or no previous exposure to classical music and no previous interaction with professional classical musicians in an intimate setting.  These students are CMSLR’s target outreach audience. One Voice is crucial to CMSLR’s dual aims of broadening the attendance at its concerts beyond its traditional base and enriching the artistic and cultural experiences of the traditionally underserved young people who comprise CMSLR’s target outreach audience. 

Free Student Tickets!

In an effort to engage younger audiences with classical music, the Chamber Music Society is pleased to offer free tickets to all students K-College. Student tickets may be reserved through our ticket ordering system or are available at the door. 

Faulkner Chamber Music Festival

In 2016 CMSLR assumed control of the Faulkner Chamber Music Festival.  The goal of FCMF is to provide an immersive environment for students, in which they can expand their knowledge of chamber music and deepen their musical experience as a whole.


During FCMF's 12 year history, more than 100 students have studied and performed more than 130 pieces of music, under the direction of 20 faculty members. The Festival has hosted five guest ensembles and an assortment of wonderful guest artists. Its youngest student was eight years old, and recently we have incorporated college students as well.